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Mission Statement

The Artisans at Glassworks, have a combined 40 years of designing and producing Art glass for Residential homes throughout North America. We have pieces as far away as Hawaii, and Conneticut.

We have always lived by the motto “Never say No”, and sometimes this gets us in trouble, but always it pushes us into areas we have never been before, and this excites us. From someone asking for a Skylight, which they would like to look like the Solar System, which got us into Air Brush Painting, to someone with a very large house, with lots of windows, wanting it to look like something Frank Lloyd Wright would have built, to someone asking us to design a Front entry, after the style of Green & Green.

There are 3 different designers that work with, or for Glassworks, so it gives us a good cross section of design ideas. But, we like to say to the customer, that they actually design their work, we just do the drawing.

I would have to say, that our specialty has become copying, or complimenting the works of Frank Lloyd Wright, as we have now done 100’s of panels in this style. The customer with the large house, which we filled with Art glass panels, also built a Summer house, which we also filled with the same style of panels. From there, with other clients, we have explored other avenues and areas of his work, and as he was the pioneer of the Prairie Style house, and the general trend in housing these days is along those lines, it is easy to fit his design concepts in most homes.

And, as we are also an Insulated glass manufacturer, most of the panels we build, are Triple sealed between Clear glass, to give the insulating factor, and also to protect and preserve the Art glass for many years to come.

We also do a lot of Sand Carved glass panels, anything from Sidelites for beside the Front Entry, to a Feature piece above the Ensuite tub, to Free standing sculptures, which some of the time we will Edge light to really make the Art work stand out. Over the years, we have become known for our Landscape designs.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our work, and will not let a piece leave our shop until we are satisfied that it would be a piece that we would proudly display in our own homes.

So if you are thinking about incorporating some Art glass in your next custom home, or have an existing window that you think might look good with some Art work in it, ie: A window above your big soaker tub, Sidelights or a Transom Above your Front Entry, Piano windows on either side of your Fire place, just view our website, to see some ideas, or to receive a Free quote.

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